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In fact, many people in our life actually have some misunderstandings about Zhuhai Translation Company, so let me introduce it to you.

1. 对翻译公司的误解—总想价格低

1. Always want the price to be low.


As the saying goes: a penny, a penny. A complete translation process should include a series of processes, such as translation, proofreading (usually 2-3 times of proofreading and revision), typesetting and so on. If the quotation of the translation company is too low, it will inevitably use low-level interpreters to translate, or reduce the number of proofreading revisions or even omit the link of proofreading revisions. We can imagine the quality.


Unfortunately, many customers can't understand the important role of translation companies. They think that translation is simple and keep translation prices down.


There are many people who know foreign languages, but few can really translate. It's not too bad to say "one in a million".


Some studies have shown that every yuan of translation cost brings at least 9 yuan of value-added benefits. Sometimes, as long as you invest 10,000 yuan more in translation projects, you will make your whole project more competitive.

2. 对翻译公司的误解—盲目追求翻译速度

2. Blind pursuit of translation speed


Many customers are blindly pursuing speed. Ten things will affect the quality. You can't have both fish and bear's paw. Adequate time is a prerequisite for a high-quality translation. First of all, we should have enough time to read through the original text, on the basis of understanding, to transform the language, and ensure the accuracy of typing. It takes time to read, understand, think, change, look up words and type, besides checking and typesetting.


If you want to get high quality translation, please plan and arrange as soon as possible. Translation time depends on technical difficulty, translation volume and language. Common languages, such as English, Japanese and Korean, have relatively fast submission speed due to the large number of excellent translators and rich experience, while the translation of small languages may take longer.

3. 对翻译公司的误解—会点外语,都能做翻译吗

3. Can you translate if you can speak a foreign language?


People with high foreign language proficiency may not be able to translate. Translation is a work that requires constant practice, practice, research and broadening of knowledge. A translator is a miscellaneous person. He should not only master the vocabulary and grammar of foreign languages, but also understand the background and professional words of different industries. Only after a great deal of language training, translation practice and accumulation can we become qualified translators. This is also the reason why a large number of English graduates have been rejected to apply for English translation. You can excel in various activities of learning and communicate with foreign teachers without obstacles. But it is impossible to be a translator or to be an excellent translator without more than five years'translation experience.

4. 对翻译公司的误解—盲目迷信海归、教授、外国人

4. Blind superstition of returnees, professors, foreigners


Many people think that there is no problem in the translation of returnees. However, different returnees use foreign languages in different frequencies abroad, and most of them are non-foreign language majors, not necessarily have language talent, so not all returnees can do translation. Xiao Shu also interviewed many job seekers with overseas study experience. Most of them have not passed the translation stage. It is not excluded that many returnees have excellent level, but most of them only look better on their resumes.


Some people also think that there is no problem with the translation quality of foreign language professors. In fact, many professors are generally engaged in research or teaching in one or several fields. The level of translation depends on their translation practice. Translation is a highly practical technology and involves multi-disciplinary expertise.


Foreigners'foreign languages are not necessarily good. Look at the differences in Chinese proficiency among the people around us, you will understand this.

5. 对翻译公司的误解—询价时,只要价格,不沟通

5. When inquiring, as long as the price is not communicated


Translation covers different fields such as law, automobile, machinery, petrochemical, ship, news, environmental protection, clothing, geology, paper, politics, economy, agriculture, etc. The degree of difficulty of data in the same field varies; even if the degree of difficulty is the same, the price varies with the use and duration of the translation. If you don't communicate beforehand, quote without knowing anything, so the quoted price is meaningless and irresponsible to customers.







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